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Commercial Cleaning Services

With over 2 decades experience of Commercial cleaning. At Enjoy Cleaning we understand the importance of providing a Commercial cleaning service that is reliable and professional.

Keeping your premises clean can make or break your business. Having a clean and well-maintained factory or office in Sydney is one vital step in in a healthy environment. Also your customers will have leave with a positive view and will keep them coming back.

Daily Cleans

Daily cleaning will comprised of the absolute minimum tasks that must be completed in order to keep your commercial premises clean and hygienic for your office workers. Daily cleaning will address communal areas of an office, including the reception or lobby area, workspaces, washrooms, lunchroom and kitchen areas.

Weekly Cleans

Weekly cleans for small to medium size business is a cost effective way to keep your offices cleaning up to standard providing a healthier work environment for employees. Includes cleaning all offices spaces and work stations, deep cleaning kitchens, sanitise the bathrooms and clean all hard surfaces including floors, and clean windows.

Fortnightly Cleaning

Fortnightly office cleaning is for the tidy business that just need a good tidy up once a fortnight. Fortnightly office cleaning will include all office spaces work stations, deep cleaning of the kitchens, sanitise the bathrooms, clean all the floor surfaces.

Solutions We Provide

Deep Cleaning

We offer a wide range of deep cleaning solutions to santise your premises. Deep cleaning has proven to kill a wide variety of bacteria and viruses including COVID-19.

Window Cleaning

Enjoy Cleaning are experienced in commercial and strata window cleaning and pressure cleaning. 

Expert Building Cleaning

Enjoy Cleaning have over 25 years experience providing builders cleans, final cleaning services, site accommodation cleaning and site shed cleaning. We have successfully completed cleaning projects for Sydney construction companies. 

Pressure Washing Services

We make use of state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning techniques to make sure that your home or commercial location’s exterior surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned. This type of wash will provide a much more even, consistent and deep clean as compared to using a standard garden hose to do the job. 

Hospital Grade Disinfecting

Enjoy Cleaning employs a specialised team of cleaners for the sole purpose of providing disinfecting, sanitising and sterile cleaning services. Our cleaning processes are compliant with the Health Department guidelines and are constantly verified by a qualified hygienist. All staff are trained in cross contamination and COVID – 19 cleaning practices.


Tile Cleaning

Tile cleaning is very important and requires thorough cleaning to remove stubborn stains. we have all the experience and equipment to get the job done.

Air- Conditioning Cleaning

Air- Conditioners accumulate a tremendous amount of dirt, dust, cobwebs, and allergens. Enjoy Cleaning will be able to remove those, and clean the air vents.

Professional and Friendly Personnel

We all follow a professional etiquette policy. We guarantee that our people will arrive on time and provide prompt and courteous service every time, without exceptions. To deliver on this promise we perform regular checks on all our cleaners.

Tailored Made Solutions

We can tailor a sanitation and hygiene program to suit the needs of your operation or business, using solutions that cater for your working environment.

What our customers say

"Enjoy Cleaning has been caring for our buildings for nearly 20 years. They are a good consistent company."

Terry Stokes

"Enjoy Cleaning has given us good reliable service for over 5 years."

Sharon Nadan

"Enjoy Cleaning has been 100% reliable for over 8 years."

Eisha Verma

"Enjoy Cleaning has been looking after our clients for well over 15 years. They are dependable and trustworthy."

Kate Radcliff

"Enjoy Cleaning has been cleaning our corporate office building for over ten years. They keep everything clean and hygienic, they are a very reliable company."

Kerry Schofield

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